The construction of community service system should follow the “1+N” train of thought

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Epicenter wide net Beijing on February 9 (reporter Liu Baixuan) according to the central radio and television news desk the voice of the economy, the world of finance and economics newspaper for according to the “difference” between urban and rural community service system construction plan, many ministries today (9) in routine briefing the scio policy interpretation, send livelihood “package”.The relevant person in charge made it clear that the new community should be built in accordance with the “1+N” layout, to develop high-quality life services, the formation of community industrial ecology is the key.Inadequate services in some communities are a pain point.Ou Xiaoli, director of the Social development Department of the National Development and Reform Commission, said, “For the old communities, we should revitalize the stock of some outdated functional Spaces that do not meet the needs of the people. We should integrate, adjust and clear up some space to improve the efficiency of facilities.For the new residential area, according to the “1+N” layout and construction.”Among them, 1 is a community service complex, N can be a convenient supermarket, a convenient canteen, a community pension center, a community health service center, a people’s gym, an employment and entrepreneurship space, a household service network, etc. The specific location can be flexibly determined according to the actual demand.”Many communities just stay at the service level of “issuing notice” and “issuing certificate”, but some of the most needed basic convenience services are blank.How to strengthen our weak links?Ou xiaoli responded that the next step is to actively develop community education, health, culture, sports, maintenance, assisted meals, retail, beauty salon and other community services, and build a 24-hour life chain and a 15-minute life circle.”Is critical to do this, is a large professional enterprise of community service, let each subdivision of the field, every detail of life, every daily problems can find the professional market main body to undertake, the formation of” indomitable spirit “and” blanket “of large enterprise of small and medium-sized enterprises supporting each other ecological community industry.”With the deepening of the degree of aging in Our country, the pressure of community pension in the future is bound to increase.Speaking at a briefing, Mr Au said efforts should be made to develop community assisted feeding, cleansing, bathing and medical services, especially assisted feeding services.”We will strive to gradually cover more than 80 percent of communities in big cities with assisted meal services for the elderly in the next five years, and the monthly visiting rate for the elderly with special difficulties will reach 100 percent.”In addition, in the community business operation, community health care, community cultural venues, community sports facilities and other aspects, the briefing also released some new trends worthy of attention.The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Civil Affairs said, encourage market players to play a role, and actively guide market players to provide community services;The NHC said it would speed up the construction of community hospitals to better promote the formation of a new pattern of linkage between the upper and lower levels, the combination of medical treatment and prevention, and hierarchical diagnosis and treatment.Relevant officials of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism mentioned that they encourage and support social forces to participate in building various types of new public cultural Spaces, and expand the size and network of grassroots cultural facilities, especially in rural areas.In terms of sports facilities, new residential areas should be equipped with public sports facilities according to the standard of indoor per capita floor area of not less than 0.1 square meters or outdoor per capita land area of not less than 0.3 square meters.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: