Slap yuen Wo-ping in the face.You say Jackie Chan can’t learn Bruce Lee, can you learn Zhang Yimou?

2022-05-06 0 By

‘Jackie Chan can’t be like Bruce Lee,’ action choreographer and martial-arts director Yuen Wo-ping said in a television interview. ‘Jackie Chan doesn’t have the momentum of Bruce Lee.’I really worry about Yuen Wo-ping’s naivety.You have to understand, everyone is unique, Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee looks, temperament, path are not the same, how to learn?Besides, why does Jackie Chan want to learn Bruce Lee?Does he need to be like Bruce Lee?He didn’t even want to be like Bruce Lee!Moreover, Jackie Chan once pointed out that “Bruce Lee was only deified” and that Jackie Chan should not be deified.I don’t understand why Yuen Wo-ping has been talking about Bruce Lee and praising Him for decades. Is it meaningful?In my opinion, you are inferior to Even Wu Jing and Donnie Yen in the action design of those films.Now whenever I see a video of Yuen Woo-ping, I will definitely cross it immediately.Yuen Wo-ping, I think you should stop indulging in your old heroic dreams.If you want to learn from others, can you learn from Zhang Yimou?Do you have a hierarchy of thoughts?Do you have zhang’s aesthetic ideas?Can you make “On the Cliff”?Can you make House of Flying Daggers?Can you direct the real scenery of Guilin show impression of Liu Sanjie?You do not have the ability to complete these works, you can not learn zhang Daodao.So Yuan Dao, don’t preach that this can’t learn that, that can’t learn this, really too childish!