You’re the most beautiful woman in the world

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Pa Ping, a don’t understand the place name is my life bud of soil – hometown a small mountain ridge beam, green trees fu back, bamboo waist, grass green, dyed tian Jiao Gou kan, how and Pal word affinity?There are tong flower camellia, wild begonia, wild rose, azalea do some cun burning, one of the word also can not occupy the site of the mountain.Are rice flowers in the terraced fields and corn flowers in the earthen ground also one of them?Autumn and winter leaves full mountain more have no one’s appearance, wang Wang tian shui reflects white cloud flower, also count one one’s one?Paradise paradise paradise paradise paradise paradise paradise paradise!Is hometown really so beautiful?Hometown is the most beautiful place in the world!Just like mother is the most beautiful woman in the world!When she was young, she was not a beauty. How could she be like the old gentleman Huang Chengyan’s boast to his beloved daughter: “There is an ugly girl in the family.”36 years away from home, she is a guqin in my heart, the strings paved, mountain road, green trees, grass, streams……Lift the foot, every step to move out of a moving notes of grandma’s grave, are a knot stop of the string of way, a drop of condensed silvery tears, hold notes of hand melody jump in the past, running to the front of the father’s earth grave, dear thoughtfully labored tujia mountain, pop up on the string spark, lit mother monument, burning paper candle smoke rising of pain of missing,Pull the grey white clouds, twist around my feelings to raise, bloom in the blue sky, a wonderful flower of family affection, walk with the sun, and the moon companion statement: