First-line Report | Six convenient nucleic acid testing service points in Luoding are in good order

2022-05-02 0 By

In order to facilitate nucleic acid testing and resolutely block the route of TRANSMISSION of COVID-19, luoding COVID-19 Prevention and control Headquarters has set up 6 nucleic acid testing service centers in Luoding urban area, and nucleic acid testing service centers have also been set up in all towns and streets of Luoding.Reporters visited nucleic acid testing convenience service points yesterday and saw the active cooperation of citizens, and the sampling work was carried out in an orderly manner.It is understood that the nucleic acid testing convenience service points were set up to help people returning from Shenzhen, Dongguan, Huizhou and other places as well as those who need to leave Luoding for free testing.The reporter sees in luoding stadium nucleic acid testing for the convenience of service, to come to the detection of nucleic acid citizens through inspection guangdong kang yards and measuring temperature and other process after the touchline waiting in line, the scene of the big trumpet playing constantly “please get through the” guangdong nucleic acid small program registration information, and will generate nucleic acid detection code screenshots save “such as” please keep one meter distance “prompt,Volunteers wearing red vests maintained order in the field, and at any time to provide help to the public in need, the scene orderly.”Nucleic acid testing is well organized, under unified command, unified management, efficient and orderly.”Just finished nucleic acid test Ms Li told reporters.Nucleic acid sampling is also being carried out in the convenient nucleic acid testing service point in Luoding Experimental Middle School.”Open your mouth wide. Kids are so brave.”While taking nucleic acid samples for a child, the medical staff encouraged him with warm words.In the interview, the reporter learned that each nucleic acid supervision (inspection) measuring point has community cadres and party members volunteer stick to the front line.”Since The New Year’s Eve, I have participated in the inspection of key personnel. I have been busy these days helping carry out nucleic acid tests.”Miss Liang, the staff member that comes from element dragon street office tells a reporter.In addition, more and more volunteers are joining the epidemic prevention and control efforts.Yunfu Media Center Reporter: Liao Rongbo, Liang Zhanhua, Xu Dengke, Dong Qiong, Editor: Lu Zhitong, Duty Director: Zhao Junying, Duty Chief editor: Lu Liwen, Email: