Which mondeo is worth buying?

2022-05-01 0 By

The new generation of Mondeo opened for pre-sale, a total of four models, the pre-sale price of 159,800 yuan, the starting price is suddenly cheaper than several models at the same level, did attract a lot of attention.The new Mondeo was released with Ford’s expectations, with a qualitative change in design, power and configuration from the previous mondeo.In terms of appearance, the new design language of “potential energy aesthetics” is adopted to create a streamlined sliding back shape, and the wind resistance coefficient is as low as 0.293CD.”Wolong Awakening” welcome function, full sense of ceremony;Nearly 5 meters super long body matching 2945mm super long wheelbase, the space is really perfect.In terms of power, the whole system is standard with 2.0t +8AT, 0-100km/h acceleration 6.5 seconds, Ford’s control and power are not lost.In terms of science and technology, 1.1m ultra wide area HD large screen really follows the trend.The new electrical and electronic architecture is more intelligent.SYNC+ 2.0 Smart-Hang Interconnection system, Ford Co-Pilot360 Smart-Hang driver Assistance with up to 18 intelligent driver assistance configurations, and Ford V2I Vehicle-road Collaboration system, which has the full-field OTA capability of the vehicle.In terms of pre-sale purchase, there are also many concessions, such as 120G of 6-year free entertainment flow, 6-year free road rescue, 6-year free basic maintenance, model replacement subsidy, model purchase subsidy, 24-period “0” interest rate financial policy for car purchase, lifelong EA/ E-Call emergency rescue service, etc.So which new Mondeo is worth buying?159,800 yuan model is not a case, is it worth buying?So let’s analyze it together.EcoBoost245 fashion: do not recommend to buy the official statement, EcoBoost245 fashion pre-sale manufacturer guide price of 159,800 yuan, starting that is high power, is the only joint venture brand in 150,000 yuan with 2.0T+8AT gold power combination model.Power aside, the lowest rated car is really low rated, with LED headlights but no breath-scale grille, fabric seats, 17-inch tires, a small screen, reversing video (but no radar), and almost no driver assistance.My suggestion is that if the budget is not enough, it is not recommended to buy. I suggest that you look at the independent brand car at this price, which will be more abundant in configuration.Pre-sale manufacturer guide price of 179,800 yuan EcoBoost245 luxury:It is recommended to buy more breathing scale grille, automatic headlights, electric leather fabric seats, two-zone air conditioning, 1.1-meter ultra wide area HD giant screen, SYNC®+ 2.0 Smart Link system, 18-inch wheels, cruise control, rear radar (with video), knee air bags, lane keeping and other driver assistance functions than the lower version.Generally speaking, this model should be a running model.Pre-sale manufacturer guide price of 199,800 yuan EcoBoost245 Supreme model and 219,800 yuan EcoBoost245 ST-line:Both models are equipped with B&O audio, panoramic electric sunroof, ford Co-Pilot360™ Smart Driver Assistance system with up to 18 intelligent driver assistance functions.Welcome light, two-piece panoramic skylight, fur seat (maximum equipped with heated ventilation), face recognition gesture control, intelligent fresh air, 19 inch wheel hub, etc.If you want a better experience, you can choose these two models.After comprehensive analysis, if we want to achieve comfortable and luxurious experience, the model of 199,800 yuan is suitable, but 179,800 yuan is a little less, but the configuration is enough. The two models of 219,800 yuan and 159,800 yuan are ford’s own face, and the other is to give consumers the face of a large car at a low price.