Manual setting of wireless intelligent roaming for TL-R470GP-AC Integrated Gigabit router

2022-05-01 0 By

In fact, the TL-R470GP-AC integrated gigabit router should be tuned again after the wireless installation, and at the same time, to understand how the so-called wireless intelligent switch works.Tl-r470gp-ac setup interface, AP management — Intelligent roaming has a “trigger roaming RSS threshold”, here select -60dbm.When the signal intensity in the area is lower than -60 DBM, the router roaming switches to the AP with the strongest signal in the current environment.Users sometimes encounter wireless AP nearby, but the wireless signal of the mobile phone is not good enough, how can the wireless signal is not good?The reason is that the mobile phone is still connected to the AP far away, so the switching threshold is set at a low level, such as -95dbm, while the current wireless signal strength is above the switching threshold, so the mobile phone will not look for the AP with strong signal.Smart switching is only a relative term.Tl-r470gp-ac can also set the user with weak signal to go offline, and the value of triggering offline is generally -5dbm lower than the “trigger ROAMING RSS threshold”, forcing the mobile phone with weak signal connection to be removed, so that the mobile phone can reconnect to the wireless network, so as to find the AP with the strongest signal.In addition, tL-R470GP-AC software is 4.0 and AP support can enable 802.11r fast roaming, it is said that this will be faster switching, mobile phone in different AP regions, wireless roaming at least 10 seconds of confirmation time, that is, there will be a bit of lag time.