How to deal with emotional loss of star-child during Spring Festival outing?

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Please click on the “attention”, before reading time every day to send the related articles of autism, let us care for children from the stars to accompany them grow up ~ in the Spring Festival, during the lunar New Year holiday many parents choose to take children go out to play, but to many parents have a headache, the child will cry, rage, screaming crazy, this time, parents also very crazy.So, once encountered this situation how to do, is to talk to the child, or to beat and scold to stop the child crying, or the child hanging aside, ignore?This article will give parents advice that they will definitely use during the Spring Festival holiday!Of course, before this, we parents or it is necessary to understand the reasons for children’s emotional loss of control.1. Changes in the environment Children with autism generally have stubborn and rigid behaviors. They like to follow existing or fixed procedures, and they are difficult to accept new things and new changes, with poor adaptability.Once the environment changes, they will develop resistance and show great emotional reactions and problems.2, stubborn behavior is limited or changed, autistic children have low adaptability, lack of imagination, most of the activities are not new, stubborn and rigid behavior.When they go to some public places, such as schools, shopping malls, stations, buses and so on, their behavior is more constrained, and they will appear restless emotional responses, such as crying, Shouting and other emotional manifestations.Children with autism generally have difficulties in language and communication, which makes them unable to express their needs. When their needs are not met and cannot be expressed, they will use crying, self-harm and other incorrect ways to express their emotions.4. Weather changes Weather changes will affect the emotional state of autistic children, especially in spring and autumn when the seasons change, children will also have emotional problems because of the change of weather.Most autistic children have congenital disorders of the nervous system, so their ability to control emotions is generally low. When star-children are stimulated by the environment, they are prone to lose control of emotions.These are some of the most common causes of emotional loss in children with autism.The emotion problem of children, parents can’t, but in the daily teaching and can live by questioning, observing, recording, the occasion of the problem of autistic children have behavior environment make detailed records such as frequency, duration, frequency, preliminary analysis of the causes of problem behavior by recording data:Is it caused by external environment, or is it caused by physical, mental or other reasons?Finally, corresponding intervention measures are made according to these reasons.1. Accept your child’s negative emotions and vent appropriately. If your child is very angry at the moment, parents can tell him or her, “You are so angry and angry.I’ll do something to help you.Help your child explain why he is yelling or crying;Boldly speak out our several guesses, let the children sit, hit the key;Can also be suitable for the use of social rewards, hug, touch the head, clap hands, etc., or give the child emotional vent an outlet, let him “cry enough at a time.”For example, when an autistic child suddenly loses control of his or her emotions on the street or in a gathering place, parents should give way appropriately. When the star-child is emotionally stable, parents should let him know what bad consequences his or her bad behavior will have, which will annoy others, make his or her mother angry and lose money.Hold him accountable for his actions.In addition to the above two strategies, parents can also use “attention diversion” to alleviate the emotional loss of autistic children in public.What is attention-shifting?Attention transfer method is a kind of psychotherapy, through psychological suggestion, psychological counseling and other ways to alleviate children’s bad emotions, through massage and other ways to promote children to relax, so as to reduce children’s emotional loss of control.So what should parents do?For example, when a child with autism behaves badly in public, parents should not pay too much attention, but rather strategically “ignore” the child’s behavior.For example: the star-child on the bus suddenly mood out of control, then parents can invite children to watch the scenery out of the window or distracting, by means of chat chat as much as possible about some lively, cheerful topic, not only can make children excited, can also extend the chat of time, let the children distraction in the happy atmosphere.Similarly, when a star Child suddenly loses control in a shopping mall, parents can invite the star Child to enjoy a performance in the shopping mall, or take a small train to visit the shopping mall to divert the child’s attention, so that the star Child can forget the bad mood, so that the star Child can relax his body and improve his negative mood.However, the distraction method is only a temporary solution. After the child’s emotional stability and release, parents should discuss with their child about the solution of emotional loss, which can help children learn to manage emotions eventually.In addition, it is important to note that in using distraction, parents should not use another bad behavior as a diversion, in effect transferring the child from one bad behavior to another.For example, the child likes to play games at home, and the parents tell the child to buy clothes for him if he does not finish the game, when in fact the child has too many clothes and should not buy any more.Therefore, the goal of the transfer should be the direction of the child’s benefit.Written at the end of autistic children mood out of control if they are not involved in the lives of others and interests, parents need not too terror, also need not deliberately to intervene, and some to disrupt public order, pushing people on the bus, screaming, impact study and life of others and make the teachers and parents have a headache of abnormal behavior, must be intervention and adjustment.The above strategies for intervention of abnormal emotional behavior of autistic children hope to be helpful to parents!Photo source: Photonet legal library Responsible Editor: Mi Jianxing Xiaobian article typesetting: Mi Jianxin carotene Reference: [1] Li Yang.Research on early intervention of autistic children’s emotional behavior problems [C]// Proceedings of the Second prize of the National Intellectual Teacher Training System Construction Model Academic Conference.2016:1192-1195.[2] Feng Xue.Discussion on the causes of emotional behavior of autistic children [J]. 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